Wanted: White Winter Wardrobe

Recently I’ve been obsessing over all-white outfits, especially using white leather. I’m hitting a bit of a roadblock though, as I don’t have the means to find a perfectly tailored white suit a la Kim K, so I’m attempting to collect separates. Here lies the problem: Just like blacks, not every white is the same.  In the mean time, I’ve been incorporating my newly acquired pieces into my wardrobe:

DSC_0864 DSC_0879 DSC_0891

My second pair of Litas! I’m so excited about these babies…. They are A LOT of boot.


NAMELESS Leather Jacket // H&M Square Earrings // Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas

// American Apparel NEON Circle Scarf //

Messy Chic, Tailored Down // Rick Owens A/W 2013

In discovering one’s personal style, mastering the balance of appearing tailored but not contrived is a major step in understanding what “high-fashion” is, and how it will translate to one’s own taste. So too the balance between messy and grunge-chic. In Rick Owens’ A/W 2013 collection, both struggles are perfected. I don’t usually pay much attention to menswear releases, but this collection caught my eye as a great representation of walking the line.

I suppose I should just list the elements of this collection that have me drooling:


– The clash of various materials, from paper thin leather to thick velvet and hefty pony combat boots. Specifically in the above look, this variety is what expertly teeters on the edge of appearing messy.


– The soles of those boots are unreal.


– Moto-detail denim and leather skinnies? I’m there.


– The shrunken, tailored top layers holding in oversize hooded wrap parkas. (Insert slow clap here)


– Lastly, Harem pants in all the right places. By using the trouser material, these pants appear to be more clean-cut even than the skin tight moto pants. Again this becomes a part of that balancing act, which I obsess over ever day. It’s hard to get things perfect, but Rick Owens has got this thing down.

Image credit Style.com

Nothin’ Wrong with a lil’ Country…

The carry over from country into my psuedo-city girl life is inevitable. I live in rural Georgia, where shortened words complete with apostrophes run as rampant as our citizens’ “jacked up” Fords. (I’ll never deny my tendency to slip into my own version of that honey sweet southern drawl, but my truck will remain close to the ground thankya-very-much.) For most country folk, the most recognizable and respected brand name is not Prada, Louis, or Gucci, but….. drum-roll pretty please…. Carhartt! There is absolutely no denying the durability, effectiveness, and warmth of their product, and these elements are what truly matter in farm life. Needless to say, when I found Carhartt beanies on sale for seven dollars in my local feed store, I about had a cow. Or tipped one.


Steve Madden Boots // Sweater from NastyGal // Topman Bracelets // Carhartt Beanie

Cold Noses and Warm Colors

The weather this weekend was lovely. Although cold, the crisp bite of air paired with glass clear skies made me want to bundle up and enjoy the outdoors.

Mother nature’s mood always influences my style:  Just like the cold bites at your nose while the sun warms your skin, this scuba dress shines amidst harsh, clean lines.


I wore this outfit to Church, which threw my congregation for a loop. Everyone else was in dark winter greens, blues, and browns, and there I was in a pattern of royal blue parrots seated in orange and pink tropic flowers. I must admit, shock value satisfies me.



Forever 21 Jacket // H&M Scuba Dress // Kimchi Blue Suede Platforms


Let us just ignore that I haven’t posted in two weeks…. I’ve moved into a new place with awkwardly shoddy internet, so I just haven’t had a time to sit down and really work online. Oh well, all that matters is that the internet is finally working and I’m back!

I’ve been feeling a bit antisocial IRL. I have loads going on outside of school that I can’t keep my mind off of, so my Beats have come in handy. Not to mention my outfit is totally coordinated with them. I can ignore people as long as I look good, right?



RLX Hoodie // Skater Skirt from Urban Outfitters // Spike Cuff from MissKL // Beats by Dr. Dre // R2 Sneaker Wedges


So… Much…. Rain…. Luckily I caught a break long enough to shoot this look outdoors. Mostly I’ve been weathering through the, um, weather… by browsing online stores and switching between my oversize parka and my Belstaff waxed jacket to keep from wearing the exact same outerwear two days in a row. (I’ll post some Belstaff love in a few days, to conclude our rain stint.)


Skater skirts are the BEST.  And finding one in burgundy leather? My world is made. It’s hard to wear skirts to school because I don’t want to appear formal, but paired with a slouchy sweater and sneaker-heels, there was nothing stiff about this look.


I didn’t get a detail of these earrings, new in from Nasty Gal, but trust me when I say they are perfect. You’ll most likely see them next when I finally put the Belstaff up.

Express Sweater // Sparkle and Fade Sk8r Skirt // R2 Heels // Topman Watch

Pop Goes the Scarf

It’s rainy here, (And 70 degrees? What?) but even the grayest day this winter couldn’t keep me from wearing the most colorful article of clothing I own. In this look I am wearing the scarf and boots shown in the last post, the first in a series of Music Mondays.

DSC_0505 DSC_0532DSC_0548DSC_0512

TBO’s Ten20 Booties // Racer-back “Stay Cute” Tank by Sauce // Tie Dye Beach Sarong

Music Monday- Get on your boots

I’ve decided that every Monday will be a Music or Movie Monday, highlighting a music or cinematic inspiration. Here goes numero uno.

This week, U2’s “Get on Your Boots” is in the forefront of my mind. Not only do the lyrics describe a  strong, sexy female with a wardrobe of kick ass boots, but the accompanying music video is psychedelic and gritty. Bursts of lava, smoke, soldiers, and crumbling Greco-Roman ruins spin in between the band members and various dominatrix holograms as Bono moans and twitches around the mic. The video also presents a grotesque association between religion and patriotic war, draping paint-flaked Madonnas in the star-spangled banner. The feel brings to mind high street designers like UNIF and Jeffrey Campbell, with their rebellious boot clad, “to hell with authority” attitudes, as well as the high-end psychedelia of Gaultier and McQueen.

u2boots     images    get-on-your-boots

Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Bl-Cross-(Black-Washed-Multi)-010407    Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Lita-Spike-Star-(Black-Gold)-010407    Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Renegade-(Red-White-Blue)-010604  upfrm-1001 crimson

1          Capture

tumblr_m6ejpgMc3i1qmrsu5o1_500          tumblr_mg4dcaZQRm1rt472zo1_500

Model wearing Jean Paul Gaultier          tumblr_m2hmtbqoUk1qafjg3o1_500


The boots I’ll be getting on? These To Be Announced studded wonders, new in from Solestruck:

Get on Your Boots


Images from the music video

 1 2 3 4

Ian R .– Beata C. – Unknown – McQueen – Gaultier s/s 2007 – Unknown – Felice Fawn –

PS: I apologize for an entire week’s worth of no posts! Now that I have my camera charger,  I’m no longer dependent on my father’s disorganization. (Ah the relief!)

Whatever, Whenever: The W

Somewhere recently, I read about the upswing of quality merchandise in Hotel boutiques. (Maybe Style.com? Shame on me for not knowing…) Either way, it thus came as no surprise when the bright colors and sequins of The W’s store grabbed my eye and pulled me in as only sparkly displays can.


There are options for every age of W guest, fulfilling the hotel’s deceleration and driving promise of “Whatever, Whenever.” Every item in the shop has its own presence and personality. The outward lure of sparkles proved consistent; I didn’t find a piece I didn’t like.

DSC_0359 DSC_0363

But! I couldn’t try on everything, so I settled on just a few things:


The dress was a great color, but wasn’t the right fit, and the bikini bottom was too small,  but the top, by Sauce, is as “cute” as the garment asks of its audience. (And isn’t the dressing room perfect?)


My other must-haves from the boutique are the above clutch, by Felix Rey, and bracelets. Each of the Cruciani bands available at the W is either $10 or $15 dollars. I’d say my visit to the boutique was well successful, and I look forward to returning. I’m not ashamed to say I’m infatuated with anything brightly colored or sparkly, and this shop’s mood certainly works as a disco ball fix!


As for what I wore during my morning of shopping,


I must admit, I have a penchant for snapbacks. This one, but the So-Cal street brand Us Versus Them, suits me with its understated tones and thick embroidery. I suppose Florida just brings out my street cred…


True Religion Vest // Silence & Noise Trousers // Ecote Sandals

// Purse from Nasty Gal //

Its a funny thing about Urban Outfitters, I clearly know the brands I like. See here, even more Silence & Noise!

DSC_0440 DSC_0456

I hope you all had as fantastic a holiday as I!