Music Monday- Get on your boots

I’ve decided that every Monday will be a Music or Movie Monday, highlighting a music or cinematic inspiration. Here goes numero uno.

This week, U2’s “Get on Your Boots” is in the forefront of my mind. Not only do the lyrics describe a  strong, sexy female with a wardrobe of kick ass boots, but the accompanying music video is psychedelic and gritty. Bursts of lava, smoke, soldiers, and crumbling Greco-Roman ruins spin in between the band members and various dominatrix holograms as Bono moans and twitches around the mic. The video also presents a grotesque association between religion and patriotic war, draping paint-flaked Madonnas in the star-spangled banner. The feel brings to mind high street designers like UNIF and Jeffrey Campbell, with their rebellious boot clad, “to hell with authority” attitudes, as well as the high-end psychedelia of Gaultier and McQueen.

u2boots     images    get-on-your-boots

Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Bl-Cross-(Black-Washed-Multi)-010407    Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Lita-Spike-Star-(Black-Gold)-010407    Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Renegade-(Red-White-Blue)-010604  upfrm-1001 crimson

1          Capture

tumblr_m6ejpgMc3i1qmrsu5o1_500          tumblr_mg4dcaZQRm1rt472zo1_500

Model wearing Jean Paul Gaultier          tumblr_m2hmtbqoUk1qafjg3o1_500


The boots I’ll be getting on? These To Be Announced studded wonders, new in from Solestruck:

Get on Your Boots


Images from the music video

 1 2 3 4

Ian R .– Beata C. – Unknown – McQueen – Gaultier s/s 2007 – Unknown – Felice Fawn –

PS: I apologize for an entire week’s worth of no posts! Now that I have my camera charger,  I’m no longer dependent on my father’s disorganization. (Ah the relief!)

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  1. JT

    Excellent write up exemplifying the way in which art in its many forms influences and overlaps the other. You have shown how pop culture is a fine tapestry of all that has gone before as well as the now and the stabs into the future. Excellent, really excellent!

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